Zirconia Blocks and Disks for Dental CAD/CAM System
Zirtooth™ is the zirconia block for CAD/CAM system with two product types - the multi-color layered Zirtooth™ Multi and single colored Zirtooth™ Fulluster. The best quality coming from the product with the best raw material.
Zirtooth™ Multi: Multi-Layered Zirconia

The simpler the work gets,
the more beautiful the result is.

Zirtooth™ Multi is a multi-layered zirconia blank which allows dental professionals to easily produce natural tooth-like dental restorations without complex handcrafting procedures. See more beautiful outcomes from simpler work.
Zirtooth™ Fulluster: Precolored Zirconia

Loyal to the basics.

Zirtooth™ Fulluster is a pre-colored zirconia blank with three shades (A0, A1, A2) and it is available in various CAD/CAM systems. Very basic and highly credible work results are anticipated from Zirtooth™ Fulluster.
Technology to Make a Difference

Advanced technology.
Difference in the quality.

Zirtooth™ zirconia blanks are made of 100% premium Tosoh Yttria-stabilized zirconia (YTZ) powders which use the latest hydrolysis process and nano-technology, resulting in higher flexural strength and fracture toughness.
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