[DENTAL TRIBUNE] HASS Bio announces global launch of Amber Mill H block and disc
  • Date : 2024.05.17

HASS Bio announces global launch of Amber Mill H block and disc

Expanded product sizes and shades for customised dental solutions

Amber Mill H will now be available not only in the original C10, C12 and C14 sizes (offered in packs of five blocks each) but also in two additional sizes, 8T and 10T. This expansion ensures a wider range of options to accommodate diverse dental needs.

To complement these sizes, Amber Mill H offers a selection of ten shades across two categories. The high-translucency category features Shades A1, A2, A3 and B1, and the low-translucency category includes Shades W2, A1, A2, A3, A3.5 and B1. These shades are meticulously designed to naturally match the patient’s existing teeth, thus enhancing aesthetic outcomes.

Innovative features and superior material properties

The innovative Amber Mill H uses a unique bonding technology, which incorporates fine crystalline ceramic particles with polymers. This advanced composition not only provides high initial bond strength during the polymerisation of resin cement, but also significantly increases indirect tensile strength up to 75 MPa. Additionally, its biaxial flexural strength is approximately 190 MPa and its three-point flexural strength about 204 MPa, reducing the risk of prosthesis dislodgement.

Enhanced processing capabilities and aesthetic properties

The disc form of Amber Mill H allows for the efficient processing of approximately 30–35 restorations per disc and is suitable for both wet and dry methods. Dental professionals can choose between hydrofluoric acid etching or sandblasting for pretreating the inner surface of the prosthesis, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.

An outstanding feature of Amber Mill H is its high light transmission rate of approximately 35%, supporting the strength of initial bonds. Moreover, its controlled opacity and fluorescence make it an ideal choice for aesthetic restorations.

Precision and quality in every detail

Amber Mill H ensures exceptional precision in milling and marginal reproduction, significantly improving the fit and adhesion at the tooth–prosthesis boundary. This precise engineering results in a superior fitness gap, promoting long-lasting durability and patient satisfaction.



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