Natural Daylight Solution for Mobile Dental Photography


COCO Lux® is the mobile dental photography solution to support the users with mobile friendly settings for the accurate information of their dental pictures and for the immediate sharing of the result and interaction with co-working partnerships.
Natural Daylight Features
Natural Daylight Features

Bringing your cases
to the moment of truth.

Color rendering index (CRI) is the index to express how similar a specific light is to natural daylight in percentage.
The CRI of natural daylight, therefore, is expressed as 100 Ra.
COCO Lux® features natural daylight properties (color temperature 5,500K / CRI 90 Ra+) by utilizing LED to take advantages for the accurate shade and color determination.

Adjustable Size & Flash

Fulfilling diverse settings
for various needs.

COCO Lux® is compatible with any kind of mobile / smart phone in use with a width from 55mm to 89mm.
Lighting module on COCO Lux® is adaptable to two flash modes (ring & twin flash).
The curved lighting part is rotating 90 degrees in order to utilize twin flash mode in both vertical and horizontal way.

Adjustable Size & Flash
Easy Sharing

Instant photography.
Instant sharing.

Easy Sharing

By working with COCO Lux® and smartphones, easy sharing diverse pictures with relevant co-working partners becomes a simple and instant task.
After sharing such pictures as shade-taking, new patient’s case, restorations, etc., interact with your co-workers and partnerships to discuss on the picture.
Higher level of cooperative work is in your hands.


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