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Lithium Disilicate-Based CAD/CAM Blocks

Amber® Mill

Amber® Mill is machinable dental glass-ceramic blocks made of lithium disilicate.
Its reinforced mechanical properties and aesthetic values with qualified machinability are greatly advantageous for patients and clinics.

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Lithium Disilicate-Based Press Ingots

Amber® Press

Amber® Press is the lithium disilicate-based press Ingot with high strength and minimal reaction layer for the efficient workability and excellent aesthetics.

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Lithium Disilicate-Based Press on Zirconia

Amber® LiSi-POZ

Amber® LiSi-POZ is the innovative and differentiated product utilizing the technique of lithium disilicate ingot press on zirconia framework.
Strength of LS2 is magnified when combining with Zirconia framework.

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Ultra Fine Phosphate Bound Investment for Pressable Dental Ceramics

Amber® Vest

Amber® Vest is an ultra fine phosphate bound investment for the pressable ceramics, helping your work be more effective.

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Natural Daylight Solution for Mobile Dental Photography


COCO Lux® is the mobile dental photography solution to support the users with mobile friendly settings for the accurate information of their dental pictures and for the immediate sharing of the result and interaction with co-working partnerships.

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Lithium Disilicate-Based High Fusion Press Ingots

Amber® Press Master

Amber® Press Master is ‘Lithium disilicate Based-High Fusion Press Ingots’.

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Shade matching solution

Selection Tip

Selection Tip is a shade matching solution, optimized for the HASS Product.
Since the selection tip is made with a triple structure, it expresses the translucency pretty well.
Match up the accurate shade with Selection Tip, you will see better outcomes.

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Ceramic-based Hybrid Block & Disk

Amber® Mill H

Amber Mill H is a new type of CAD/CAM block using ceramic-based hybrid ceramic particles.
The combination of ceramic-based hybrid materials and polymer offers distinguished strength, aesthetics, and machinability.

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