[Dental Tribune] Sal Rodas takes charge as president of HASS Bio America
  • Date : 2024.02.28

[Dental Tribune] Sal Rodas takes charge as president of HASS Bio America

FAIRFAX, Va., US: HASS Bio America has announced Sal Rodas as its new president.
This is a pivotal appointment that signals a new era for the company as it aims to expand its footprint in the North American market.
Since joining HASS in 2021, Rodas has been a driving force behind the company’s business development, management and marketing efforts, setting a solid foundation for his new role as president.

Rodas holds an MBA from Babson College in the US and a Bachelor of Information Technology, complemented by his service as a US Marine. In his over 20 years in senior executive roles within the dental and medical technology industries, Rodas has demonstrated innovative strategies and a keen market insight. He founded Sleep Architects and was later chief product officer of the company, where he had a significant impact on product development and strategic direction. He then demonstrated his commitment to health initiatives as executive director of the Foundation for Airway Health, and his leadership prowess was also evident at Space Maintainers Laboratories, where he led global operations, and at the SMILE Foundation, where he enhanced the dental community’s educational landscape.

Having a unique blend of technical, business and leadership skills, as he embarks on his presidency, Rodas is sure to leverage his extensive experience to navigate HASS Bio America through the challenges and

opportunities of the North American market. His visionary leadership style and proven track record promise innovative growth strategies that will further cement the company’s status as a leader in the ceramic material and human aid system industries.

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