[SPECIAL INTERVIEW] Insights from HASSBIO Amber Press User, CDT. Seungsub Lee of Solarum Dental Laboratory
  • Date : 2023.09.06

[SPECIAL INTERVIEW] Insights from HASSBIO Amber Press User, CDT. Seungsub Lee of Solarum Dental Laboratory

CDT. Seungsub Lee speaks about the superior quality of HASS Amber Press, a lithium disilicate-based ceramic ingot, emphasizing its natural aesthetics, impressive strength, and remarkable adhesion.

At the forefront of dental craftsmanship, CDT. Seungsub Lee, the lead of Solarum Dental Laboratory, is an ardent user of HASS Amber Press and Amber Press Master. He identifies the paramount advantage of HASS pressing ingot ceramics to be their natural aesthetics, closely followed by commendable strength and unparalleled adhesion.

Beginning with HASS

CDT. Lee recalled, "I primarily relied on imported pressing glass-ceramic ingots. But everything changed in 2016 when I secured first place at HASS's inaugural ceramic contest. This accolade marked the beginning of a lasting relationship." Given HASS's significant global outreach, CDT. Lee has traveled extensively, engaging in hands-on educational activities and lectures, especially across the Middle East, visiting cities like Ho Chi Minh, Izmir, Dubai, and others.

Why Choose Amber Press?

"I predominantly use Amber Press and Press Master now," Lee mentioned. He previously favored the Rosetta ingot for its cost-effectiveness. However, Amber Press, with its higher melting points and strength, has surpassed Rosetta ingots in his preference. "Its chromatic stability outshines the foreign investments I once used. The long-term data supporting Amber Press only strengthens my trust in it."

Further discussing Amber Press Master, Lee emphasized its unique attributes: "It's specially tailored for patients with high aesthetic standards. The precise shade measurements, accurate to 0.5 units, guarantee aesthetic and cosmetic satisfaction."

When discussing the advantages of Amber over other options, CDT. Lee stated, "Its operational ease, from investment to sandblasting, is exceptional. Its adhesion to various powders is unparalleled. Comparatively, I find lithium disilicate aesthetically superior to zirconia."

Selection Criteria for Ceramic Ingots

While discussing the selection process for pressing ceramic ingots, Lee pointed out the common criteria: translucency, fluorescence, and ease of operation. "I place immense emphasis on analog work, especially for inlays and laminates. It's crucial to maintain consistent investment slurry," he explained.

Challenges and Solutions

Lee also shed light on the challenges he faces: "During sandblasting, it's vital to prevent bubbles and chipping. Reducing manual errors from investment to pressing is paramount." Recalling his initial experiences, he mentioned failures during tests due to unfamiliarity. "For phonetic cases, equipment checks are vital. There's often a need for multiple modifications for full arches. Mirror checks have become routine for me."


On the topic of patient feedback, Lee remarked, "The most common complaint revolves around low chroma. Although it's simpler to reduce high chroma, elevating low chroma is a formidable challenge. Sometimes, it even mandates a complete rework."

A Look into the Future

Lee concluded with his perspective on the future of the investment market. "I envision a time dominated by aesthetic prosthetics rooted in robust scientific data. With extensive quantification, I believe we'll craft precise aesthetic prosthetics with even fewer errors than we see today."

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