[NEWSWEEK] HASS Bio's Innovations Revolutionizing Dental Industry
  • Date : 2024.03.22

HASS Bio's Innovations Revolutionizing Dental Industry


In the landscape of South Korea's burgeoning medical device market, HASS Bio stands out as a trailblazer in dental technology. With the market size of the medical device industry in South Korea continuing to grow (reaching 9.1 trillion KRW in 2021), the focus on domestic innovation has never been more critical. Despite historical reliance on imported medical devices and pharmaceutical goods, Korean companies like HASS Bio are reshaping the industry's narrative.

CEO Yongsu Kim reflects on the transformation within the Korean market, stating: "For seven decades, Korea has heavily relied on imported medical devices and pharmaceutical goods. However, over the past decade, this has gradually changed as indigenous or locally produced goods have gained an increasing share in the Korean market." This shift underscores the growing competitiveness of Korean companies, both at home and abroad.

Hyungbong Lim, CTO; Yongsu Kim, CEO; Hyunjun Jeon, CSO, HASSBIO

One of the key drivers of this competitiveness is HASS Bio's commitment to innovation. Mr. Kim emphasizes: "Our greatest competitive strength lies in speed." Unlike established players who may adhere to traditional formulas, Korean manufacturers like HASS Bio adopt a future-oriented approach, catering to the evolving needs of dentists and patients worldwide. This forward-thinking mentality has propelled HASS Bio to the forefront of the dental sector.

In recent years, the dental industry has witnessed rapid advancements in automation technologies, with the potential to reshape treatment processes and patient experiences. CEO Yongsu Kim acknowledges the impact of automation: "The adoption of automation solutions in the dental sector will indeed usher in new opportunities, adding significant value to the market." However, he highlights the importance of gradual adoption, noting the conservative nature of medical practitioners and the slow pace of change within the industry.

"The adoption of automation solutions in the dental sector will indeed usher in new opportunities." Yongsu Kim, CEO, Hass Bio

Furthermore, the rise of dental tourism presents a significant opportunity for Korean companies like HASS Bio. With South Korea emerging as a hub for aesthetic dental services, the convergence of dental treatments and tourism offers a unique proposition for international patients. Mr. Kim envisions a future where Korea becomes synonymous with dental aesthetics, leveraging the country's expertise and infrastructure to attract global clientele.

Amidst these industry trends, HASS Bio continues to innovate with its flagship products, Amber Mill and Amber Mill Direct. These groundbreaking solutions address longstanding challenges in dental fabrication, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency.

As the CEO explains, these innovations were born out of a necessity to address weaknesses in the industry: "Our journey led to the development of lithium disilicate, an early innovation globally that had to build upon established technologies," he says.

Amber Mill, renowned for its strength and machinability, undergoes a meticulous process to ensure optimal performance. Through proprietary Nano Lithium Disilicate (NLD) technology, HASS Bio achieves a crystal size 20 times finer than traditional options, resulting in unparalleled precision and durability. Additionally, Amber Mill's ability to vary translucency offers customization options, simplifying inventory management for dental clinics.

Meanwhile, Amber Mill Direct revolutionizes the fabrication process by eliminating the need for heat treatment. This innovation not only expedites production but also offers a unique graduated effect within a single milling block, mimicking the natural translucency of teeth. "Initially thought implausible, this technology differentiates Amber Mill Direct, offering unique translucency within a single product," Mr. Kim notes.

Moreover, HASS Bio's innovation extends beyond materials to include Amber Mill Abut-crown, a groundbreaking implant crown solution. This innovative design streamlines the complex process of traditional implant crowns, providing dental specialists with a one-day solution

Despite the inherent challenges, HASS Bio remains undeterred in its pursuit of excellence. Mr. Kim acknowledges weaknesses in influencing power and design technology but remains steadfast in the company's 

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