[CLOSE] The 9th annual MDCminario
  • Date : 2024.01.24

Join us for the 9th annual MDCminario event in Mexico, a hub for dental innovation !

This year, we're honored to welcome Dr. Edward McLaren, a leading prosthodontist and dental ceramist. He will be hosting hands-on sessions with Amber MIll, focusing on: 

- 1st day - Hands-on: "How to create the ideal SURFACE on Amber."

- 2nd day - Lecture: "The Digital Dental Team with the Human Touch." 

Dr. McLaren's exceptional hands-on session will delve into the intricate art of creating the perfect surface on AMBER Mill. This session promises a blend of skill and knowledge, centered around the theme: "How to create the ideal surface on AMBER." 

The sessions on the 2nd day will explore the 'Digital Dental Team' (DDT) concept, blending digital technology with artistic craftsmanship for custom dental restorations.

The equipment showcased will include digital scanners, printers, and high-strength ceramics, all crucial for creating realistic restorations. 

A special thanks to MDC Dental for hosting this event and to Dr. McLaren, founder and first director of the Graduate Program in Aesthetic Dentistry

at UCLA School of Dentistry and the Executive Director of ArtOral America, for his invaluable insights.

Your interest and participation will make this event a success. Stay tuned for more updates!

More information ▶ https://www.mdcminario.com

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