[DENTAL TRIBUNE] HASS launches Amber Mill Direct for faster chairside restorations
  • Date : 2022.12.27

*Article from DENTAL TRIBUNE

HASS launches Amber Mill Direct for faster chairside restorations

GANGNEUNG, South Korea: Recently, all-ceramic dental materials manufacturer Human-Aid System Supplier (HASS)

announced the launch of its latest innovation―Amber Mill Direct, a pre-crystallised lithium disilicate block

that helps dental professionals deliver chairside restorations within 1 hour.

Yong Su Kim, CEO and founder of HASS, stated: “Amber Mill Direct is an industry game-changer because,

for many decades, CAD/CAM chairside dentists have been missing a product that allows them to deliver restorations within 1 hour while achieving excellent results.”

Addressing this issue, the Amber Mill Direct pre-crystallised lithium disilicate blocks have a CEREC mandrel allowing CEREC

and universal mandrel wet milling machines in the industry to fabricate the restorations quickly.

Conducted by the Dental Advisor Biomaterials Research Center, independent tests of the flexural strength of Amber Mill Direct blocks in the incisal,

middle and cervical areas showed that cervical areas had the highest strength―an important feature of the product since this is where most stress fractures occur from occlusal loading.

In addition, the incisal areas exhibited higher translucency properties for favourable aesthetic results.

The tests further revealed that Amber Mill Direct showed minimal machining damage when examined under scanning electron microscope.

Clinicians who had used Amber Mill Direct prior to its official launch reported stable edges and good aesthetic results that are difficult to achieve with other products.

Dr Yao-Lin Tang of Pacific Dental Center in San Mateo in the US said: “Amber Mill Direct has all the advantages of lithium disilicate ceramics.

Its power, however, is the beautiful smooth margins without the need for firing―an invaluable CAD block every dentist should have in his or her office.”

HASS is offering free trial packs for any dental professional or laboratory at tryambermill.com. More information about the company and its product portfolio can be found at hassbio.com.



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